University of Michigan Hospital

House Officers Long Term Disability Insurance Program
Flynn Benefits Group has worked extensively with Physicians and Medical Centers for over twenty years.  Focusing on the medical market, we service over 3,000 House Officers from Detroit Medical Center, Henry Ford Health System, and the University of Michigan. 

Additionally, Flynn Benefits Group services over 3,500 staff and private practice physicians nationwide. 

Without income protection, a disability can mean personal economic hardship to any physician.  A special program has been developed for the HOA to provide income protection during your training and upon completion. 

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Group Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD)

  • Premiums paid by University of Michigan; benefits received are taxable
  • 180 day elimination period
  • Monthly benefit is 66 2/3% of monthly salary (maximum $4,000 per month)
  • 5 year occupation definition of disability; any gainful occupation thereafter
  • Benefit paid to age 65
  • Cost of living adjustment - 4%
  • 6 month survivor benefit
  • Work-Life Balance EAP
  • No limitation for mental illness and/or substance abuse

LTD Plan Booklet
Claim Form


Individual Disability Insurance Options to Supplement Your Group LTD

  • Premiums paid by House Officer; benefits received are tax-free
  • 90 day elimination period
  • Own Occupation specialty definition of disability
  • Benefit paid to age 67
  • Inflation Protection
  • Guarantee Issue insurance without evidence of medical insurability*
  • HOA unisex rates and level premiums that are guaranteed for the life of your policy
  • Residual / Partial disability benefits
  • Family Care Benefit
  • Fully portable

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Michael D. Flynn, CLU
UM HOA Disability Representative
248-649-4100 – office
248-761-9426 – cell
Gina Chase
Client Relations Manager
248-649-4100, Ext. 352
Lisa Opalewski
Senior Case Manager
248-649-4100, Ext. 345


*To be eligible to apply for the Guaranteed Issue Individual Plan, you must be actively at work in a resident/fellow program; not currently on claim or been on claim or submitted a claim within the prior 12 months of application; and not declined or postponed for disability insurance with any carrier in the past 7 years. 
This information is a general description and is not a contract.