Income Protection (Disability Insurance)

Your ability to earn a living is one of your greatest assets.  Your income gives you the confidence and freedom to plan for the future.  It helps pay for your home and car, puts food on your table, and covers college tuition, allowing you to make your hopes and dreams a reality. 

But what would happen if you suddenly became sick or injured and couldn’t work?  How would you maintain your lifestyle if your ability to work and earn an income was lost? 

No one can predict the future or avoid the risk of a disability but Flynn Benefits Group, Michael and Patrick Flynn, can help you prepare should a disability occur.  An individual Disability Income Insurance policy can be a vital part of any financial plan. 

For over 25 years Flynn Benefits Group has specialized in professional and medical markets.  They have worked extensively with physicians and training hospitals in southeastern Michigan.  It is our goal to provide our clients with appropriate insurance solutions by representing the major insurance carriers in the country.